Serving Our Community

The Salvation Army’s mission is meeting the basic human needs of individuals and families, young and old, without discrimination. Our programs lift clients up and empowers them to act on their own behalf; and helps them build circumstances where they are less dependent on community.

The following programs are available Monday through Friday:

  • Crisis counseling and referrals
  • Food and USDA Commodity distribution
  • Personal hygiene & cleaning supply distribution
  • Emergency transportation assistance
  • Clothing and household good through The Salvation Army Thrift Store
  • Eviction prevention assistance
  • Other emergency financial assistance as available and necessary
  • Pathway of Hope

The following programs are available seasonally:

  • Summer Brown Bag Lunches
  • School supplies
  • Winter coat distribution
  • Christmas toy, food and gift assistance
  • Warming shelter for adults 18+

Each service has eligibility requirements, such as residency, income guidelines, and/or proof of identification.  Some services have time limits.  All requests are handled by appointment.  Contact our Social Service office at (920) 923-8220 to learn more.

Knowing there are families in that are struggling, and feeling powerless to help is a tremendous burden and heartache. Pathway of Hope is one way The Salvation Army helps vulnerable families start over, move forward and leave poverty for good. Pathway of Hope creates a brighter future.

What is Pathway Of Hope? The Salvation Army’s free, intensive case management program that unites community resources with Salvation Army programs and offers eligible families with child/ren under 18 a holistic approach to building stable circumstances for themselves. Our expertly trained Social Service staff works one on one with enrolled families, helping them uncover and understand the weights keeping them “down,” then map out and take action steps to achieve higher levels of self-sufficiency. Pathway of Hope builds more than economic resources; it ministers to spiritual needs and strengthen the lives of the children through character building and youth programming.

Pathway of Hope families tell us:
“Since I joined Pathway of Hope, I've held a job for nearly a year!  I've set goals and achieved them all.  I've been financially stable and strong-minded! I've had a complete change of attitude and become the person I really wanted to be!”

"Pathway of Hope has really helped us focus on the goals we have for our family...they help you not give up on yourself, they believe in us and help us stay positive and keep moving forward..."

“With your help we tackled the problems in our lives and have come out on the other side, better than we were.” When we felt as if the walls were closing around us, you were there for us. You helped us find ourselves.”

In April 2017, Captains Steven & Telinda Wilson accepted  The Pathway of Hopes’ most prestegious award. The Fond du Lac Salvation Army POH program was recognized as one of the United States’ Outstanding Pathway of Hope programs. Community support fuels achievements like this.

POH  move families FORWARD into employment, places to call their own and ultimately to a higher level of self-sufficiency.  Each step forward means additional supplies are needed, such as:


twin sheets/pillowcases, queen sheets/pillowcases, king sheets/pillowcases, bath towels, hand towels, dish towels, wash cloths, pillows, toilet brush, toilet plunger, mattress pads.
New/Gently Used: bath mats, curtains, curtain rods, crock pots, shower curtains w/clips, mops/buckets, brooms/dustpans, laundry baskets, small wastebaskets.
Additional supplies: gas cards, bus passes, grocery cards, laundry soap, dish soap.

To learn more about the Pathway of Hope program, contact The Salvation Army Social Services Department at (920) 923-8220.

Thank you. Together, we're "Doing the Most Good" for Fond du Lac County.

Food Pantry

The Salvation Army Food Pantry is Fond du Lac County’s largest food pantry, freely distributing upwards of 700 tons of food annually. 

Our food pantry is a beacon of help to those we serve, like the grey haired couple who came to us with calloused hands and backs bent from years of working farmland that had been in the family for generations.  Then cancer came and took his health, their life savings, the farm and their dignity.  Hungry, they came to our food pantry looking for help.

The little preschool girl, about 3, who stood in the food pantry asking, “Is this where the food is? Mom says there is food for us here.”  Her eyes sunken with need, focused on us, “Please,” she called out as she ran to a cart, turned it around, “This is my baby brother, Kevin – can he have food too?”

The pantry is stocked by donations from businesses and individuals. Along with food and equally important are the personal care items and cleaning supplies we stock.  Food Stamps/Quest cards do not cover these “necessities” and those who can’t afford them depend on our supplies, or otherwise may go without.  When the pantry is low, goods are purchased with donated money.

Items We Need Year-round for The Salvation Army Food Pantry:

Food Items:   Boxed cereal, Canned fruit, Soup, Jelly, Pasta,  Pasta sauce,  Mac ‘n cheese,  Rice ‘a Roni, Hamburger Helper, Instant mashed potatoes, Fruit juice (48 to 64 oz.), Peanut butter, Canned meat/fish, Fresh produce, Frozen meat,  Dairy *Note we are unable to take partially used, already opened packages and food expired a year or more. 

Hygiene, personal care, laundry & cleaning supplies: Toilet paper, Shampoo, Deodorant, Tampons/pads, Facial soap, Kitchen trash bags, Toothpaste/toothbrushes,  Disposable razors,  Laundry soap,  Facial tissue, Cleaning supplies

How to Use Our Food Pantry

Clients visit the food pantry Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00am - 12:30pm and Wednesday, 9:00 am - 11:30 am and 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm.  Clients are able to return to the pantry once every 30 days, and the amount of food they receive depends on household size. A pantry card is created and kept on file for each household using the pantry. Proof of ID and residency required. 

Our food pantry is unique as it offers clients opportunity to select items from different categories on our shelves.  This “shopping” experience, along with the comfortable waiting area and the personable volunteers and staff provide a dignified experience clients appreciate.

For more information, contact our Food Pantry CoordinatorTo make a financial donation, click here.

Thank you. Together, we’re “Doing the Most Good” for Fond du Lac County.

Warming Shelter

The Salvation Army operates Fond du Lac County’s only warming shelter November 1 through March 31.

To clients, the warming shelter is more than just a place to sleep. As one client said,

You gave me a warm meal, a shower with soap and shampoo, a tooth brush with toothpaste, the chance to wash clothes and even get clean underwear and socks. I slept on clean sheets, safe from harm, without worry. You gave me the chance to feel human again.”

Shelter Summary

The shelter is open nightly from 6 pm – 8 am. Shelter clients receive supper, opportunity to shower, do laundry and fellowship in the evening; in the morning, there’s breakfast and opportunity to grab “snack to go” before leaving. The sleeping quarters separate men from ladies. Trained staff provides case management services to assist clients in attaining higher levels of sufficiency and Corp Officers minister to client spiritual needs. Volunteers support staff and visit with clients.

Each season, over 100 different homeless adults are sheltered for 151 nights, fed  over 2000 meals, and more than1000 loads of laundry keep them clean. Community support makes all this possible. Donations of supplies, financial support, volunteer staffing help and meals ensure the warming shelter continues.

Warming Shelter Supply List

Please share: feminine products, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrushes, Rid (de-licing), combs, Lysol, facial tissues, hand sanitizer, new men’s socks/underwear, new women’s socks/underwear, gas cards, reusable shopping bags, grocery store gift cards, backpacks, gift cards for haircuts, new men’s long underwear, new women’s long underwear, gloves, hats, scarves, individual granola/breakfast bars,  boxed cereal, milk, coffee/creamer, laundry soap (HE)

For more information, contact Social Service Director.

Thank you. Together, we’re “Doing the Most Good” for Fond du Lac County.