Behind The Shield: Major Jennifer Woodard

Mar 15, 2023

Major Jennifer Woodard is currently located at The Salvation Army Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Divisional Headquarters as the Divisional Women's Ministries Secretary. The Salvation Army of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan is proud to have her as an officer and leader in our community. Learn more about Major Jennifer Woodard below.

how did you first learn about the salvation army?

My parents and grandparents were officers in The Salvation Army, so the Army has been a part of me (and I a part of it) my whole life.

What made you want to become an officer?

I was twelve years old when I first heard God's specific call upon my life and understood that He had claimed me for Himself as an officer in The Salvation Army. I had always had a deep respect and admiration for my parents as officers. However, as a very shy personality, I did not see myself as having "what it took." While I did not understand why He would choose me or how He could use me in this way, I did believe He could do anything and that He knew what He was doing. I never looked back.

What is your favorite part about being an officer at tsa?

My favorite part of officer ministry is that every day I am doing something different for the kingdom and in Jesus' name. Programming is a joy, service is inspiring, and Bible teaching is such a privilege. All of it puts me in a place of encouraging the body of Christ s well as giving me so many opportunities to share with those still in need of God's love.

what has been your favorite experience with tsa?

The experiences I have treasured most are the unexpected moments that allow me to speak love and truth into someone's life through counseling or prayer. I love to teach the Word of God, and I also love to minister through the blessing of music.

What is one thing you believe the world should know about tsa?

Our service overflows from the joy we find our love God and His love for the world.

What are a few words you'd use to describe tsa?

God-raised, Spirited, Joyful

Is there anything else you would like to add?

God is faithful, and there is amazing freedom in following Him. He continues to grow me through the challenge, and to give me joy as I learn to trust Him more and more.

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