09 May 2018

Curtis Payton is the Divisional Youth Program Specialist at The Salvation Army of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (the Divisional Headquarters) in Wauwatosa. He has worked for the organization for a little over two years. In his job, he works at Army Lake Camp during the summer and plans for camp during the winter. Recently, he was snowed in at Sliver Birch Ranch in White Lake, Wisconsin for Youth Council. Learn more about Curtis below:

Q. How did you first learn about The Salvation Army?
A. Through the job posting for the role that I have now.

Q. What is your favorite part about working at The Salvation Army?
A. I am not only a Soldier in the US Army, but I am helping fellow Soldiers in the Salvation Army. I just think that's cool.

Q. What has been your favorite experience at The Salvation Army?
A. Summer Camp! Come check us out at Army Lake Camp in East Troy, Wisconsin.

Q. What is one thing you believe the world should know about The Salvation Army?
A. We are not just a thrift store, we are a church. We also LOVE JESUS.

Q. What are 3 words you would use to describe The Salvation Army?
A. Loving God and others.

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