Our Story

Racine Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by a Methodist street preacher named William Booth. He worked with people in the slums of East London. In 1880, The Salvation Army began work in the United States and in a few short years the ministry of The Salvation Army spread across the country, reaching the streets of Racine in 1890.

During World War II, The Salvation Army operated 3,000 service units for the armed forces...and led in the formation of the USO. Since World War II, the Army has continued its own worldwide program.

Today The Salvation Army continues to work where the need is greatest, motivated by its faith in God and its love for all people. The Salvation Army is now serving 'the least of these' in over 125 countries.

Racine Advisory Board

Olivia Alcorta

John Costabile

Lawrence Cullen

Betheny Dillhoff

Thomas Friedel

Lee Johnson

Gerald Kirkland

Monica Krepelan

Joseph L. Nixa, CPA

Jennie Puchter

Eric Richmond

Randal Savaglio

Lisa Soderman

John VanderWielen

Antionette Zell, M.D.