Our Story

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by a Methodist street preacher named William Booth. He worked with people in the slums of East London. In 1880, The Salvation Army began work in the United States and in a few short years the ministry of The Salvation Army spread across the country, reaching the streets of Superior in 1897.

During World War II, The Salvation Army operated 3,000 service units for the armed forces...and led in the formation of the USO. Since World War II, the Army has continued its own worldwide program.

Today The Salvation Army continues to work where the need is greatest, motivated by its faith in God and its love for all people. The Salvation Army is now serving 'the least of these' in over 127 countries.

Captain Jasen and Captain Kimberly Elcombe

About Lt. Jasen and Lt. Kimberly Elcombe

Captain Jasen Elcombe is originally from Duluth, MN. He grew up in a Christian family and attended a Lutheran church most of his life. After meeting his wife the two started attending The Salvation Army in Duluth and helped to start a praise band at the corps there. A couple years later he accepted the call from God into full-time ministry within The Salvation Army.

“I love how welcoming The Salvation Army is and I love that they help people outside of the church walls,” says Captain Jasen. This is a big part of why he is an officer today. It’s all about helping others and sharing the love of Jesus.

Captain Kimberly Elcombe grew up attending many different churches but always had The Salvation Army in the summers when she visited her grandparents who were retired Salvation Army officers. She always felt that God had a plan for her in ministry and after getting married to Captain Jasen she felt the call to officership. After a few years of marriage Captain Jasen felt the call and they went into full-time ministry in The Salvation Army.Captain Kimberly has always had compassion for others and God has truly gifted her with a kind and loving heart. For this reason she has always loved the old Salvation Army slogan, “Heart To God, Hand To Man.”

Superior Advisory Board

The Salvation Army Advisory Board provides additional support and guidance to the activities of The Salvation Army. Viewpoints and guidance from local community leaders help the Army remain relevant to the needs of the community of Superior, Wisconsin and Douglas County.

Warren Bender (Board Chair)

Steve Christen

James Farkas

Gary Foix

Paul Freer

Laura Hursh

Vern Johnson

John Lohse

Mary Morrow

Knute Pederson Jr

Rick Rockwood

Geoff Wendorf

Superior Corps Council

The Corps Council is a group that meets to advise and assist the corps officers in the progress and well-being of the Corps. The council is comprised of members of The Salvation Army Church and the corps officers. Similar to the Advisory Board, the Council meets the first Saturday of every month to discuss upcoming events and current issues at the Corps. The Council is asked to give advice and direction to the corps officers and ensure that the mission of The Salvation Army is being reached and fulfilled on a daily basis. The following is a list of our current members. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Corps Council or The Salvation Army Church, please speak with a member of the Council or a Corps Officer.


Captain Jasen Elcombe

Captain Kimberly Elcombe

Torrey Johnson

Julie Meteraud

Dori Stepan

Cheryl Young

Employment Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications for seasonal Bell ringers. If you arw interested please stop by The Salvation Army.

or Email: Jasen_Elcombe@usc.salvationarmy.org