Salvation Army Volunteer

There are many different ways to get involved with The Salvation Army. We offer volunteers a chance to change people's lives across a wide range of activities and programs - all the while, being changed themselves. Volunteering opportunities are available Monday - Friday from hours of 8:00am-3:30pm with some occasional Saturdays.

Is there an age requirement for volunteering?

There is not an age requirement but some rules do apply.

  • Anyone age 16-18 must have parent consent
  • Anyone under 16 must have a parent or legal guardian on site during volunteering.

How do I become a volunteer?

Volunteering can be easy, you will need to fill out a volunteer application and a background will need to be done. Once all done a interview will be done to see what your interest and schedule will be.

"...there is no reward equal to that of doing the most good to the most people in the most need." Evangeline Booth.

All of our volunteer opportunities are coordinated locally, where our staff understands exactly how you can be of the most help to most people.

  • Food Pantry - The Salvation Army Food Pantry needs volunteers to help stock shelves and assist clients with their shopping during the hours of the food pantry.
  • Kitchen Assistants -Volunteers are needed to help prepare, serve meals and dishwashing through our Feeding Program. Lunch is served Monday - Saturday at 11:30am.
  • Lunch Time Servers - Help our kitchen staff serve the meal they have prepared. We can serve anywhere from 50-150 people per day.
  • Bread and Produce Giveaway - Volunteers are needed to help unload truck and set tables with the fresh produce and bread for the giveaway. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 8:00am-11:00am
  • Light Janitorial- Volunteers are need to help keep our bathrooms and hallway clean and stocked.
  • Administration Assistant - Volunteer needed to help file and enter documents into computer system.
  • Relief Drivers -Help with driving and doing donation pickups of food. Must have a clean driving record and able to lift 30lbs.
  • Advisory Board Members- Join our Advisory board as an advocate of The Salvation Army.

Seasonal Volunteering

  • Boy Scout Food Drive -Help sort and box the donations the Boy Scouts bring in for the food pantry. This is a Saturday event in April.
  • Postal Food Drive -Help sort and box the food the postal workers bring in for the food pantry. This is a Saturday event in May.
  • Coats for Kids -Help sort and hang coats on the racks and help people shop for the right size coats. This is a Friday and Saturday event usually the end of Oct. beginning of Nov.


For more information on volunteering opportunities contact Colleen Hilber at 715-845-4272 ext. 106 or email colleen_mashlan@usc.salvationarmy.org


Bell Ringing in Wausau

Salvation Army Oshkosh Bell Ringer

Most people are familiar with our red kettles and hear those bells ringing at locations throughout Wausau. The funds raised during November and December stay in our community to assist families throughout the next year with services like the ones listed below:

  • Utility disconnects
  • Rent when eviction notices are received
  • Co-pays on medical prescriptions
  • Food Pantry
  • Lunch Program
  • Shelter
  • Homeless Out Reach program
  • Youth Programs
  • Ministry Programs

The Salvation Army rings bells at 17 different locations in the Wausau, Rothschild, Schofield, Rib Mountain and Weston areas. We ring bells Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm. We do not ring on Sundays or Thanksgiving Day.

Do You Want to HELP?

Volunteers are needed to help man the kettles through out Wausau. Giving 2 hours at a Kettle site you can change the life of so many. Two hours at a site could raise $200.00 With that $200.00 we could provide housing, food, and support to approximately 8 families in need.

What does it take to be a volunteer bell ringer?

Ringing the bell can be fun, but it should also be taken seriously. Many people see the kettle as a fixture around the holiday season. However many people will donate if you can actively engage them to give to a good cause. The more you let you smile and friendly greeting brighten another person's day, the more people will contribute.

Becoming a volunteer bell ringer is easy.

  • Go to this link:
  • Bellringing - Red Kettle Campaign
  • Sign in or create a log in for you, your family, or company. (right down you username and password for changes or year to come)
  • Choose you're Location, Date and time you want to ring.
  • Show up at the location the day you signed up for and have some fun and feel good that you helped someone in need.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact Ed Wilson phone: 715-845-4272 ext 107 or email: ed_wilson@usc.salvationarmy.org or Colleen Hilber phone: 715-845-4272 ext. 106 email: colleen_mashlan@usc.salvationarmy.org.


2017 Kettle Goal.


This amount helps us provide the programs and assistance to the families in our community through the year.


Kettle Pass Buttons

Kettle pass buttons were created to help make donating easier to the Red Kettle Campaign. They are available for purchase at our 202 Callon St location or from one of our Advisory Board members. Wear your Kettle Pass with pride.

Make a onetime donation to our Kettle Campaign by purchasing a Kettle Pass today and wearing it with pride.

Kettle Passes come in increments of

  • $25.00
  • $50.00
  • $100.00

Now Available!


The Origin of the Christmas Kettle.

The Salvation Army captain in Dan Francisco has resolved, in 1891,to provide a free Christmas Dinner to the area's poor persons. But how would he pay for the food?

As he went about his daily tasks, the question stayed in his mind. Suddenly, his thoughts went back to his days as a sailor in Liverpool, England. On the Stage Landing he saw a large pot, called "Simpson's Pot" into which charitable donations were thrown by passers-by.

On the next morning, he secured permission from the authorities to place a similar pot at the Oakland ferry landing, at the foot of market Street. No time was lost in securing the pot and placing it in a conspicuous position, so that it could be seen by all those going to and from the ferryboats. In addition, a brass urn was placed on a stand in the waiting room for the same purpose.

Thus, Captain Joseph McFee launched a tradition that was spread not only through the United States but throughout the world. Kettles are now used in such distant lands as Korea, Japan and Chile, and in many European countries. Everywhere, public contributions to the kettles enable The Salvatoin Army to bring the spirit of Christmas to those who would otherwise be forgotten - the aged lonely, the ill, the inmates of jails an other institutions, the poor and the unfortunate.










Each year, The Salvation Army of Marathon County helps more than 400 families with gifts for their kids to open on Christmas morning. Through the generous community we live in, we are able to help support all of these families. The Salvation Army of Marathon County teams up with Toys for Tots to fullfill the need in our community.

How does this program work?

This program was designed to help low-income families and to provide assistance with giving children a Christmas to remember. Families that are requesting assistance need to have placement, custody or guardianship of the children in the home and be a Marathon County resident.

The first step to receiving assistance is the intake. Families are asked to come in and sign up to get Christmas assistance. They must bring the following documentation:

  • A form of ID for everyone in the household. This could be drivers license, social security card, birth certificate, medical ID card or school ID.
  • One month proof of income for everyone that receives income in house hold
  • A piece of mail with current name and address, this can be a bill, a lease, junk mail etc.
  • Proper documentation will be needed if you have permanent or temporary custody, placement or guardianship of a child that is not your own.

Sign up will be at 103 S 2nd Ave., Wausau, WI 54401

  • October 24th, 2017 - 10:00am- 11:45am and 12:30pm -3:00pm
  • October 25th, 2017 - 10:00am-11:45am and 12:30pm - 3:00pm
  • October 26th, 2017 - 12:30pm - 6:30pm

Once you have completed the intake you will be given a date and time to come to our toy shop and shop for your children.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Christmas assistance program has a variety of volunteer opportunities and way company's can help us proved for the families in need.

Intake Assistant

The Salvation Army needs intake assistants to come and help with registering the families. This will be done on computers provided, the program is easy to use and just need extra hands to help get everyone through and registered in a timely manner. Please go to link provided to sign up.

Intake Assistant


Angel Tree

Our Angel Tree is set up in The Wausau Center Mall by Santa. At this site, we have a tree with tags. Each tag is labeled boy or girl, and has an age bracket and gift ideas. People can select a tag from the tree and help support a child for Christmas.

By volunteering for this position you become an advocate for The Salvation Army by being an Angel. Two hours of your time will change the life of so many kids. Go to this link to sign up today.Tags are not individualized to a specific child anymore. We now let the parents shop in our toy shop, so they are getting what they see fit for their child. We need volunteers to help promote the program and keep our tree filled along with accepting of the gifts when they come in.

Please go to this link to sign up.

Angel for Angel Tree

Toy Shop

Our toy shop has a couple of different opportunities to sign up for. This works well for groups and individuals to be involved in different ways. We do have age restrictions on these volunteer opportunities of 16 years and older. Toy shop is set up at 103 S 2nd Ave, Wausau, WI 54401. To sign up please click on link you wish to volunteer for.

Toy Shop Set Up 

Come help set up the toys in categories and to make the shopping easier for distribution day.

Please go to this link to sign up.

Toy Shop Assistant

Personal Shopper Assistant 

Come help the families go through our toy shop and choose the gifts for their kids and keep things on track and running smoothly or even keeping areas filled and stocked with toys.

Please go to this link to sign up.

Personal Toy Shopper

Toy Shop Clean up -

Come help us pack and store the toys that are left for other programs through out the year.

Please go to this link to sign up.

Toy Shop Clean-Up

Adopt- A Family

The Adopt-A-Family program is designed for business, groups or individuals that would like to sponsor a family from our list with an extra special touch. When you adopt a family you are given information on that family as to needs and wants and you supply them with the gifts and food basket of your choice. You can stay anonymous or you can also deliver to your family as well.

How do you Adopt-A-Family?

Please contact Colleen Hilber at 715-845-4272 ext. 106 or email: colleen_mashlan@usc.salvationarmy.org. Once you have contacted one of us we will send you the proper paperwork to so we know what size and number of families you would like to adopt. Then once we do intakes and have families signed up that are eligible to be adopted, we will send you all the needed information to begin your shopping.

Community Fundraisers

Empties4Cash Fundraiser

The Salvation Army Wausau Corps has launched a recycling and fundraising program with the help of an inkjet recycling company called Empties4Cash.

How the program works:

  • Bring in your used or full small ink cartridges (not toner) that you usually throw away. Brands can be HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Collins Inkjet, Sharp.
  • The Salvation Army will box up and send to empties4cash once the box is filled.
  • After Empties4Cash recieves the cartridges they recycle them and will credit The Salvation Army from the ones they can refurbish and reuse.

Empties4Cash guidelines are for small personal inkjets cartridges No toner cartridges will be accepted.


  • Put the cartridge in the original box that you would have thrown away after it has been replaced to keep is safe from damages and spills, or a Ziploc bag.

Where is drop of location?

The Salvation Army

202 Callon St

Wausau, WI 54401

Want to Save Money on Cartridges and Help Us Raise More Funds? Inksmile.com sells replacement cartridges that can save consumers up to 80% over brand name cartridges. Their 5% Rebate Program allows consumers to have 5% of their purchases donated to The Salvation Army Wausau Corps. Thank you in advance for helping us raise funds and keeping millions of pounds of cartridges out of our landfills.

Help During Disasters

What is Disaster Services?

The Salvation Army Disaster Services helps those in need during a disaster. The Salvation Army is one of the nation's largest federally recognized emergency disaster services agencies, providing relief to 1-2 million disaster survivors and first responders each year in the united states.

The Salvation Army responds to dozens of natural and man-made disasters across the country each year- few of which ever receive significant public attention.

Some of the types of disasters we respond to but not limited to are:

  • Fire -( Homes, Barn, Wild Fires, etc...)
  • Flooding
  • Tornadoes
  • Search and Rescues

The Salvation Army's Disaster Services Include but not limited to:

  • Mobile Feeding//Congregate Feeding for suvivors, Emergency Workers and Volunteers.
  • Hydration
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Financial Assistance to Survivors
  • Emotional & Spiritual Care
  • Distribution of Clean up kits
  • Distribution of In-Kind Donations
  • Advocacy for Survivors

The Salvation Army's role as a relief organization within the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, The Salvation Army was involved in the development of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Response Framework. When initiating a disaster relief operation, the Army's fist aim is to meet the basic needs of both survivors and first responders. Even at this level, The Salvation Army ministers act as a means of expressing God's love to those in need. The Salvation Army's primary goals are to offer:

  • Material Comfort
  • Physical Comfort
  • Spritual And Emotional Support

All Salvation Army disaster response services are managed locally, by people who live and work in the communities they serve. This means:

  • The Salvation Army is well equipped to meet specific needs of communities.
  • The Army has ready access to food, water, clean-up materials and equipment to move quickly into impacted areas.
  • Long-term recovery and rebuilding are a major part of efforts to make communities whole again following a significant disaster.

There are eleven mobile canteen in the Wisconsin Upper Michigan Division.

They are located in the following locations:

  • Baraboo, WI
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Hayward, WI
  • La Crosse, WI
  • Madison, WI
  • Maintowoc, WI
  • Marquette, MI
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Phillips, WI
  • Waukesha, WI
  • Wausau, WI

The Salvation Army Disaster Services in Wausau.

The Disaster Services in Wausau (Marathon County) is very active with assisting the local fire, police and helping survivors of disaster. Our canteen also helps provide support for our surrounding counties of, Lincoln, Shanow, Wood, Portage and Langlade. With Marathon County being our home base.

How do you become a volunteer to assist with the Disaster Services (EDS)?

The Salvation Army disaster response team of Wausau, coordinated and directed by commissioned officers and trained personnel, supported by volunteers, is "on call" to serve at all disasters and civil disorders which may disrupt or destroy family security and well-being.

To become a member of Wausau's Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Team, please contact Colleen Hilber phone:715-845-4272 ext. 106 or email: colleen_mashlan@usc.salvationarmy.org

Whether it be a local incident or a major disaster, Salvation Army staff and volunteers are often the first on the scene and the last to depart, honoring a century-old commitment to serve those in need, at the time of need, and at the place of need.

The red shield continues to be a beacon of compassion; of immediate aid, psychological support and spiritual counsel to individuals and families whose lives have been disrupted or shattered by forces beyond their control.

Is there training or requirement to be a disaster volunteer?


  • 18 or older
  • Application and Background Check


The following trainings are required and will be provided by The Salvation Army once application and background have been approved.

  • Into to Emergency Disaster Services - 4 hours - Understanding how the command system works and role of The Salvation Army in disaster
  • Safe Food Handling - 8 Hours
  • Safe From Harm- 4 Hours - Abuse and Neglect Training


For More information on Emergency Disaster Service or to become a volunteer, please contact Colleen Hilber phone: 715-845-4272 ext. 106 or email: colleen_mashlan@usc.salvationarmy.org


History of The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Service.

On September 8, 1900, a hurricane devastated Galveston, Texas leaving more than 5,000 people dead. The city, sustaining extensive property damage, was virtually destroyed.

While survivors were still reeling from this onslaught of nature, Frederick Booth-Tucker, National Commander, ordered Salvation Army officers from across America to proceed to the disaster site to provide spiritual assistance. The Salvation Army's first national disaster appeal for funds was generously supported by caring Americans.

From these beginnings, The Salvation Army has developed local, regional and national disaster services programs.


The Best Way to Help in a Disaster.

During disasters, the best way you can help survivors is to contribute financially. Cash donations allow disaster responders to immediately meet the specific needs of disaster survivors without incurring many of the costs associated with sorting, packing, transporting and distributing donated goods. Salvation Army disaster services are funded entirely by donors, and The Salvation Army uses 100% of all disaster donations in support of disaster relief operations.


If you would like to see some of the work The Salvation Army is doing with Disaster Services please visit the web page below.

National Emergency Disaster Services website: http://disaster.salvationarmyusa.org

Non-Financial Gifts

Host a Food Drive

Food drives are an excellent way to help contribute to our food pantry. Your donation of non-perishable food items helps us to provide meals to many families and individuals throughout our community.

Some items that often run low are: mac n' cheese, chili, boxed dinners, peanut butter, and canned meat. To see a complete list, download our preferred food flyer.

Host a Toy Drive

New toys and clothing during the holiday season are always needed. If you are interested in making a donation, please bring it to the Corps.

Donate Personal Hygiene Items

There are many individuals in Marathon County that cannot afford simple things such as personal hygiene items. Your donation of these items gives them a boost in their self-confidence. Some want nothing more than to feel clean and presentable.

Donate Haircut Gift Cards

Sometimes a haircut is the difference between getting hired and not getting hired. Your gift of a gift card for haircuts could be the answer to someone's prayer for getting a job.

Donate School Supplies

School supplies for high school students are collected throughout the summer and distributed to children in need of basic school supplies in August. Your donation can help at-risk children start the school year off right.


Where can I Drop off donations?

Donations can be dropped offed at one of our following location between the hours listed.

The Salvation Army Family Services Building Transitional Living Center

Monday- Friday Weeknights 4:00pm- 8:00pm

8:00 am - 4:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm

202 Callon St., Wausau, WI 54401 113 S 2nd Ave., Wausau, WI 54401


Items that are not accept on a regular basis.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept items listed blow unless we have a need for them.

  • Clothing
  • Furniture

These items are only accepted when we have a family in need. To find out if we have a family in need please contact our office at 715-845-4272 or 715-845-6583 before dropping off.


Donate a Vehicle

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to The Salvation Army Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Your vehicle donations make a difference in people's lives.

To donate a vehicle today, start by giving us a call.

Toll Free: (800) SA-TRUCK

We accept boats, cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and more from anywhere in the nation.